• Ghaat Ghaat ki Chaat

    Hand Picked traditional regional street foods from Heritage cities of Integral India served with special expression, a mood swinger.

  • Western Subhubs Chakhana

    This is to enhance the feeling and joy of togetherness either you are in old school reunion or with dearest of dears, our treats from western sub hubs are a perfect recipes to blend with any moods.

  • Northern Chaatkare

    The region of original mughals and kings, also spread the culture of deriving the culinary enforcements to dictate the taste buds of nation and world over.

  • Interesting Fusion Blends

    Experimenting with taste is a good idea, this is a weighed effort to win someone's palatal soul, only way to win a heart.

MG Caterers

There are so many myths about the exact origin of MG Caterers also known as Chaat, as far as our findings the best in ancient Times Emperors and Royals used to travel with different means like tourism, pilgrimage, battles and hunting, when they can't find food of their want and palatal satisfaction this came into Tradition, special carts were designed with all commissary and culinary gear ups so that they may order and enjoy foods wherever they want and with homely ingredients to keep up their health in order.

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Something Special


Salli Paneer With Berry Pulav

Cottage Cheese Cubes Cooked In Special Parsi Curry Served On The Heap Of Fragrant Rice Topped With Beries.


Bhutte Ki Kees

Mashed Corn Kernels, Coriander Leaves And Grated Coconut And Indori Delicacy.


Thanda Kulfa

Kulfa Special Frozen Dessert By MG Caterers With Chef`S Secret Ingredients.


Agra Ka Moong Dal Chilla

Moong Dal Pan Cakes Stuffed with Spicy , Chopped Vegetables and Combo Chutniea


Bao Station

Steamed Baos served with Matra, Chilli Soya Tikka, Soya Crush, Dabeli Mixture.


Sabudana Khichdi

Soaked Sabudana Fried With Cummin Seeds In Spices Granished With Fried Peanuts And Designated Coconut.

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