About Us

MG Caterers

There are so many myths about the exact origin of MG Caterers also known as food, as far as our findings the best in ancient Times Emperors and Royals used to travel with different means like tourism, pilgrimage, battles and hunting, when they can't find food of their want and palatal satisfaction this came into Tradition, special carts were designed with all commissary and culinary gear ups so that they may order and enjoy foods wherever they want and with homely ingredients to keep up their health in order.

With times this became popular and a house hold culture, today you may find in every end of cities into regionally segmented cuisines.

"MG Caterers" The food Culture is an Initiative Taken by Plethora of experienced and energetic Constellation. Have served passionately into hospitality and Culinary establishments of prominence

Our Vision And Mission

It all began with an endeavour to refine and redefine the food experience for food lovers and connoisseurs. This is our concrete belief that Food gets its Soul when its turned into a fine recipe. Backed with over a decade of culinary expertise and the experience MG Caterers – The food Culture is borne to bring these dreams to fruitation

MG Caterers is a promise... of authentic, delicious & mouth watering regional foods.

MG Caterers is a vision... that looks at any occasion as a whole and not merely the service of culinary delights..

MG Caterers is a passion... to offer fare with intimacy and expression.

Integrity, Commitment and Perfection are the principles we live by.

We Serve He Guides…!